Estate Resolution

Family Friend Estate Solutions will assist you in resolving all matters related to your estate, which can include downsizing, property sales, moving and other estate services. Here is a sample of what we can do for you:

Estate Sales/Downsizing

When you're ready to downsize and reduce your home inventory, Family Friend Estate Solutions can help you liquidate your tangible goods and maintain the highest value for your property.

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Real Estate Sales/Home Purchase

Like anyone who is looking to sell their current real estate and purchase a new home, you will likely be looking for just the right property to fit your needs at this stage in life. Family Friend Estate Solutions is here to help.

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Moving & Cleaning

Once you've downsized and purchased a new property, the next step is moving. Family Friend Estate Solutions offers a complete range of services to facilitate your move, including the moving itself, cleaning, photo inventory, etc.

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Family Friend Estate Solutions is your one-stop shop for estate services.

Family Friend Estate Solutions is a unique company that will help you when you need assistance with estate transition including downsizing, senior move management, real estate and personal property liquidation as well as other related services.  Our team has the resources and expertise to quickly and efficiently manage your estate resolution needs.  We can coordinate any move, big or small, and will tailor a plan to your unique situation.  We provide progress reports and eliminate the major time commitment and stress for you.

In some cases you have time to prepare for changes in your estate, but often a new challenge or medical situation arises quickly; either way we can sit down and go over the solutions we provide through a free consultation.

Avoid wasting your valuable time and money calling and contacting multiple companies.  We can save you that hassle with our pre-screened network of partners.  Call us and we handle all the set-up and details necessary.  One call, one contact handles it all.  Less stress and time commitment for you!

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Clint O., Apache Junction, AZ

“Ron & Denise were lifesavers and handled all the details just as we agreed.  They kept me informed and saved me a lot of stress”

Bob A., Scottsdale, AZ

“We appreciate the personalized service and understanding care that we experienced with Family Friend.”

Linda A., Pasco, WA

"Whew!!!  Family Friend saved the day when we had too much to do and not enough time to do it all.  Family Friend stepped in and had all the right resources. ”

Peter G., VA

"Let me begin by saying that closing out a house that belonged to your parents is tough at best. Add to that approximately 2,500 miles and it becomes rather daunting. . . Ron is a man of integrity that handled everything from staging the house to taking inventory and arranging for movers with the type of care that I would have only expected from a relative or close friend. Anyone who is facing the task of preparing a loved one’s home for sale and then closing it out should absolutely hire Family Friend Estate Solutions. Integrity is everything and Ron and his wife are people of integrity."

Fran K, Scottsdale, AZ

"Ron and Denise were life savers!! Their organizing of my mom's home for an estate sale was perfecto!! Not only did they do a phenomenal job doing what they do, but I fell in love with both of them!!! To my new friends...Cheers and muchas gracias!!"

Next Steps...

During a free, no obligation consultation we can create a plan that is specific to your estate and personal needs. Contact us today.