Arizona is for the Birds (Snowbirds That Is)

SNOWBIRD – A northerner who moves to a warmer southern state in the winter, typically retirees who have the freedom to move around the country.

Anyone who has lived in Arizona for any amount of time will recognize the annual migration of winter visitors or “Snowbirds”. They are the happy people who get to enjoy Arizona weather during the pleasant winter months and then find an escape from the summer heat by heading north, usually to their hometown or other favorite city. They typically show up in Arizona around October or November and stay until April or May. It’s understandable that avoiding the bone-chilling weather and winter doldrums of say, Northern Minnesota is a great way to live!

Arizona year-round residents can sometimes become short-tempered with winter visitors due to slow driving, clogged freeways and long restaurant lines. It should be noted however that many of the things that we all enjoy, like more (and better) restaurants, health care, attractions and an overall better lifestyle can be credited to the winter visitors and their positive economic impact.

The wants of the winter visitors are not limited to restaurants and attractions. They are often in need of downsizing, storage, moving services, handyman services, cleaning, lawn care, etc. Family Friend Estate Solutions has the capability to help with these types of services as well as “house sitting” and/or home opening/closing for the arriving or departing winter visitors. Our team has the experience to know what is necessary to keep homes and property safe year-round. Our core services of downsizing, estate transitions and senior move management blend well with the needs of the nomadic lifestyle of the
winter visitors.

So, we say “welcome back” to our friends from the north and look forward to another great winter season here in the sunshine of Arizona!