Long Distance Senior Move Management

One of the wonderful things about our modern world is that with the amazing transportation and technology advancements the world has gotten smaller.  People tend to travel more, change the area that they live in and “check out” all the many corners of this amazing planet.  People often relocate as they age to find an easier lifestyle, warmer climate or experience a far-off location that earlier generations would not have been able or been interested in moving to.

Of course this is great news for all of us but it often leads to parents and their families living far apart.  When an aging parent runs into medical issues or needs to change their living arrangement for whatever reason, it makes it difficult for the children to help out.  Jobs, kids and lives in general rule out leaving home for an extended time to assist their parent(s) and even if time allows, where do you start?

This dilemma is what created our company.  We are a small company that has literally “been there” with both family and friends, hence the name Family Friend Estate Solutions.  We started thinking about the business after a death in our family in Washington State and we encountered the difficulties of distance and time constraints all while in the middle of emotionally stressful times.

Stress fogs the brain and can make relatively easy decisions difficult.  Add to that physical and emotional stressors like lack of sleep, sadness and an impossibly long “to do” list and you have a compounding situation.  Decisions can be difficult and relationships can be strained.  We feel that if you have someone who can step in and take off some of the pressure, you will come out of the turbulent times in better shape and able to bounce back sooner.

At Family Friend Estate Solutions we strive to do just that, we take the estate transition tasks off your plate using our vetted and trusted vendor team.  We know the right people make all the difference and we save you the time-consuming hassle of finding the right people for the job.  We are your eyes, ears and hands when you can’t be there to see that the estate transition is done right.

We have helped many families through the estate downsizing and transition process and would like to help you when that time comes.  Please keep us in mind for any senior move management needs.  Check out our website, FamilyFriendEstate.com for more information or feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@familyfriendestate.com if you have any questions.