Slips, Trips & Falls

Around our home when we discover a water spill on the floor or a rug edge that is flipped up presenting a tripping hazard we call out “slips, trips and falls” as we fix the problem.  This is in homage to our years in corporate America and the multitude of safety programs we experienced.  While this is done in a humorous vein, ultimately safety is nothing to laugh about, particularly as we age.

Because of brittle bones, balance issues and difficulty getting back up, falls can be a genuine problem for seniors.  It is important to minimize the hazards that may lurk around the house for all ages particularly older family members.

For example, a quick inspection around the house may reveal too much clutter particularly in hallways, stairs, kitchens and bathrooms.  Also flooring that is loose, old or uneven can cause problems.  Keeping the floor as clear as possible and repairing irregular flooring is very important to safe movement in and around the house.

Lighting can also be a problem if shadows or dark hallways need to be navigated.  Brighter bulbs or nightlights may be a low-cost answer to make things safer.

These are just a couple of examples of improvements that can help make things safer for you and your family at home.  Be on the lookout for potential issues before they become problems.  Downsizing can be a way to eliminate clutter and congestion in your home and Family Friend Estate Solutions can tailor a downsizing plan to help.  Give us a call for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can assist.