The Conundrum of Stuff

Stuff, everyone has stuff but some of us have more than others. Older Americans are more likely to have lots of stuff and seem to have difficulty getting rid of it. One idea is to pass your treasures to your children. However increasingly that is not an option. The reason…they don’t want them.

Younger generations are moving towards lifestyles that don’t include as much stuff as their parents. Of course, the latest cell phone, video game or television will be on their list of must haves. However, that list probably won’t include grandmother’s china, that still life picture or the bedroom set that you bought when you were first married. Even if the kids do want some of their parent’s stuff, they simply don’t have the room as apartments and tiny homes are trending as the living spaces of younger Americans.

So, what to do? It’s a good idea to have a frank discussion between parents and their kids and see what they might want and what they don’t. Often small items such as jewelry or pictures will be wanted as mementos while the larger items can be sold or donated when it’s time to downsize. Don’t be insulted if you find that the things you hold dear aren’t viewed the same way by your children. Understanding that all family members will have a different idea of what is valuable to them is the key to navigating through this conundrum.

Remember when it’s time to downsize, Family Friend Estate Solutions will help determine the best way to overcome the conundrum of stuff.

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